About Us

Rattlebox provides 100% free, edgy, alternative video e-cards. With over 1,000 fully customizable free online ecards to choose from, Rattlebox offers the unique opportunity to produce and share messages with real entertainment value.
Behind each online ecard is a network of talented writers, actors, editors and an archive of video and film ranging from kitschy, vintage PSAs and classic animation to provocative original content. With just a few clicks, you can send each card just as it is or change the text throughout to create your own special video.

Arranged in themed categories like birthday, holiday, anniversary greetings and invitations, Rattlebox also includes less traditional categories to provide an appropriate video for any situation. Bored at work and need to rant about how much you hate your job? Organizing a bachelor party or letting your boyfriend know you are trading up? Make an unforgettable statement, figuratively and literally, for every occasion and conceivable sentiment with Rattlebox. Since it’s all online, you can feel good about going green. Sending a Rattlebox card instead of a traditional card helps save trees and the environment.

Anyone can send Rattlebox cards easily via email or IM, post them on blogs or circulate them virally on social networking sites. To learn more about how to use Rattlebox or for troubleshooting, see our FAQ.

Rattlebox.com was created as a source of free online ecards that don’t suck! There are lots of online ecard websites out there but they all seem the same…limited selection, cheesy material, bad graphics…I’m sure you know the sites we’re talking about! We thought it was time to offer an alternative; a site with free online ecards that are funny, cool, and don’t suck!

Rattlebox offers free online ecards for Christmas, Easter, and all the major holidays. We also offer online ecards to say that you’re sorry or to thank someone. Excited about the presidential inauguration? We’ve got Obama ecards too!

Take a few moments and browse through our selection of free online ecards. Send one to your friend just to see their reaction. Or you can create your own video ecard and upload it to our site. The possibilities are endless!

Rattlebox…video ecards that don’t suck.