FAQ and Troubleshooting

Does it cost anything to send or receive a card?

No. Rattlebox cards are free to send and receive.

How do I send a card?

It’s pretty simple. Once you’ve selected the card you want to send:

  1. Click on “send this card now.” You’ll see boxes with the text that appears in the card.
  2. Customize the text in your selected card. Rattlebox cards can be sent using the text provided or you can customize the text throughout the entire card and have
    it say whatever you want. For example, you can simply add someone’s name to personalize a birthday greeting or you can completely rewrite the text to use the card
    for a different occasion. A few simple guidelines:

    • The text within the card is timed to stay up on the screen for between 1 and 3 seconds, so longer messages, directions, addresses, party information, etc., shouldn’t go there. Instead:
    • Longer messages should be typed into the final text field, the “Your Personal Message Here” field, which stays up indefinitely after the card has finished playing.
    • If you don’t type anything in the last text field, the default is “Your Personal Message Here.” That’s probably not what you want, so we recommend that you change that field, or, if you don’t want to add a personal message, remember to delete the “Your Personal Message Here” text.
  3. Click on “preview and share.” The card will play with your personal message and with changes you’ve made to the text. If you don’t like the text, click on “Click HERE to re-edit your e-Card!” Otherwise, click on “E-mail my e-Card” to continue. If you don’t want to send a card via email, but want to post it on Facebook, MySpace, a blog, or if you just want the link (which you can use to send your card via IM), click the appropriate “Copy” or “Post” button next to your choice.
  4. Once you’ve clicked “E-mail my e-Card,” you’ll see fields for your name and email address, and the name and email address of the person you want to send the card to. Note that you can send to multiple recipients – just click the “Add” button to add each new name and email address.
  5. Verify that the email address and name are correct and click “Send It Now!” That’s it. Your card is sent immediately.

Can I send the same card to more than one person?

Yes. Just click on the “Add” button when you’re entering recipient email addresses.

How long does it take for cards to be sent?

When you click “Send It Now,” cards are sent immediately. To send at a later date, see below.

What if I want to create a card now but send it at a later date – can I do that?

Yes, but that feature is for members only. If you are not logged in and click “Send Later,” after you’ve customized your card, you will be prompted to join – a very quick process. Once you are logged in, after you’ve customized a card, click “Send Later” and you can select a date for the card to be sent.

What if I want to look at or change cards I’ve scheduled to be sent later?

Cards you’ve prepared will be saved in your account under “Your Scheduled Cards To Be Sent” until they are sent. Access this section in your account under “Sent e-cards.”

Can the person who gets the card send it to someone else?

Yes. Each time a person gets a card, they will be given the option to forward it.

Do I have to create a rattlebox account before I can send a card?

No. But if you’re going to send cards often, creating an account will save you time. Also, if you want to use the “Send Later” feature, you must have an account.

I realized later I wanted to send the same card to someone else. Do I have to type in my custom text all over again?

No. In your notification email you’ll get a link that will take you directly to your customized card. Click on that link and below the card will be a button labeled “Forward this card.” Just click on that button and follow the instructions. Also, if you have an account, your sent cards will be saved in the “Sent e-cards” section.

Can I keep a copy of the cards I send?

Yes. You’ll be sent a notification email for every card you send that will contain the link that takes you to your customized card. Rattlebox users with an account will also have “Sent e-cards” section in which sent cards are saved.

Someone sent me a card and I want to pass it along to someone else. Can I do that?

Yes. Just click on the button labeled “Forward this card” and follow the instructions.

Can I put a card on my Myspace or Facebook profile? Or my Website?

Yup. Once you’ve customized the card you want to post, the appropriate codes will be generated and appear on the preview page. Just click the “Copy” or “Post” button for what you want to do.

How do I know if the person I sent the card to actually received it?

Every time you send a card, there is an option to be notified when the recipient views the card – simply check the “notify me when recipients view my card” box. Also, you’ll be sent a notification by email every time you send a card.

I sent a card and received the notification, but my friends said they never received it.

It’s possible some cards can get trapped in the recipients’ spam filters. If someone says they didn’t get a card you sent them, have them check their junk mail folder. You can also copy the link that appears in your notification email and send it to them via IM or your personal email.

How often are new cards added?

We are constantly adding new cards and features to the site. Check back often!

What happens when I create a rattlebox account?

The fields with your name and your email address will be automatically filled in when you send a card. Your sent e-cards will be saved in the “Sent e-cards” section. You have the option to send cards later. You can also import your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or from a Vcard program. You’ll also be able to access and use many of the great new features that are being added as we improve the site. It is free and easy to create a Rattlebox account, and will save you time in the future.

I have footage that would be great for a card. Will you buy it from me?

We’re always looking for new content. Contact us at [rattleus@rattlebox.com] for more information.

If you are having trouble sending a card, here are some troubleshooting suggestions that you can try:

  • You may need a newer version of Flash. It’s a free download from www.adobe.com.
  • If using an AOL browser, try visiting our site from a regular browser window, like Internet Explorer or Firefox, instead of an AOL-type portal.
  • Close your browser, re-launch Firefox or Internet Explorer and then go to www.rattlebox.com again.
  • Clear your browser cache.
  • Re-start your computer.
  • You might be experiencing issues from a firewall on your network. If so, you may have to go to our site from a different Internet connection.

If these suggestions do not fix the problem, feel free to email us at webmaster@rattlebox.com.

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